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Promotional Mints - Branded mints are perfect for any season and are great for trade shows, conferences and events where delegates need a refreshing boost of minty freshness. Available in a wide range of handy dispensers including mint tins, cards, packs and tubes, there’s a style of promotional mints to suit every business, every budget and every audience. Our best selling printed mints include the promotional mint card and our branded click clack mint tins. These are great for mail shots or handing out as they tuck easily into a pocket - a perfect example of how personalised mints can help spread awareness of your company logo. Mints are a really useful thing to carry. Offering a mint can be a good ice-breaker in a business or social context. Everyone loves the person who has mints to hand at the end of a meal. Mints also have a long shelf-life. They don't perish in the way that dairy confectionery such as chocolate can. Packets of mints can last up to 36 months.  Branded mints can come in a variety of different packets, tins and gift cards. This gives your business so many options to choose the packaging that your logo will look the best on. We also have a range of express promo mints that can be printed in as little as 48 hours, so if you do have a tight deadline just get in touch and we will be sure to help!

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