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Branded Castelli Notebooks - By choosing a Castelli notebook branded with your logo your company will be associated with a high, premium quality with a budget friendly price range. The promotional castelli notebooks made in Italy have a range of printing techniques to represent your brand in the best way, from printing, embossing, debossing and foil blocking, aswell as a range of sizes and colour options. A promotional Castelli notebook is always a firm choice ideal for conferences, customer gifts, corporate functions and meetings, exhibitions, expeditions, and of course they will make a well received gift for your clients. All Castelli notebooks are FSC accredited so has that additional Eco friendly feature.

We have a huge range of Castelli notebook options and sizes to choose from. The Tucson Castelli range is our top seller, the Matra Castelli range is our best value Castelli notebook and the Appeel Castelli + the Nature Castelli notebook is our Eco friendly version. Both of these notebooks have strong Eco friendly credentials and both being made with FSC approved paper they stand out from the competition. The Appeel Castelli notebook is made from apple by-products putting unwanted waste to fantastic use as a branded notebook for you whilst the Nature notebook is 100% Recyclable including the front cover.