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Branded Christmas Themed Promo Gifts - The brand exposure from promotional Christmas themed gift merch can last from December till the New Year. Select a product with a reusable value and your product may last even longer. When used to advertise your business, festive items can make a big impact. Just imagine the feel-good effect your products will have. Picture the delight on your customers face once they receive their item in the post. That is what most companies aspire to achieve. Even though sending branded gifts to your customers is a great idea, sending them to your staff members is an even better one. Choose from chocolate coins, candy canes, lollipops or Quality Street tins to show your staff how grateful you are for all their hard work. Sometimes this can have a greater impact than a card. After all, everyone loves receiving an unexpected gift. We have a range of Printed Christmas gift ideas such as Desktop Garden herbs, Desktop Garden Christmas Trees, Santa themed gifts, Stockings, Printed santa hats and many more! If you have any specific requirements just get in touch with our friendly sales team at sales@brandingovation.co.uk

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