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Promotional Eco Technology - Here at Branding Ovation we have a range of branded eco friendly tech items. From printed solar panel powerbanks, solar charging backpacks, to eco friendly speakers and wireless chargers made from sustainable materials such as bamboo. By charging your phone through a solar power bank you are saving energy which is the resource the whole world is working hard on saving. We have a range of solar powerbanks and other solar items in various sizes and different battery quantities. Depending on your usage plans, you can choose a power bank with a smaller or larger charging capacity. We can laser engrave, spot print and even do digital printing on our eco friendly technology items. On top of this we have a range of bamboo technology items such as bamboo powerbanks, bamboo wireless chargers, bamboo USB sticks and many more. If you'd like a visual on any of our personalised eco tech items feel free to send your logo to sales@brandingovation.co.uk and we will get back to you with some visual ideas.

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