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Promotional Wireless Chargers

Branded Wireless Chargers are the next generation of smartphone charging. Our models are specifically designed for promotional activities and feature a large branding area to showcase your logo, website address, slogan and more. Each model is compatible with Qi-enabled devices, otherwise known as Wireless Charging devices including the latest iPhones and top-end Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Sony, HTC and LG smartphones. Our range of branded wireless chargers for Samsung and Iphone are a lifesaver if your charging port becomes damaged on your phone.  A portable custom printed wireless phone charging pads are perfect for latest generation androids and older phones can be charged via the USB ports.  Branded wireless phone chargers offer a great printing area and are sure to be a well received business gift. Stop plugging your phone in and just pop it down on one of our personalised Wireless Chargers instead. 

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