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Promotional Bamboo Products - Bamboo is very popular in the world of sustainable promotional gifts. It’s strong, looks nice and is suitable for all kinds of gifts like pens, notebooks and chargers. Or do you prefer a durable USB stick or travel cup? Have a look at our range of bamboo promotional gifts here. Most of our bamboo products can be laser engraved and printed to represent your brand logo in the best possible way.

A sustainable promotional gift made of bamboo - Bamboo is the ideal raw material because it’s strong and at the same time very durable. Bamboo grows very fast, so it can be harvested more often and it also doesn’t take as long as other trees before it’s fully grown. Moreover, bamboo is biodegradable. With a bamboo gift you are therefore maintaining relationships in an ecologically responsible way! Customised bamboo products are not only very durable, they are also very beautiful and available in all kinds of products. We have branded bamboo pens in all shapes and sizes. Some are even equipped with a touch tip for the smartphone or tablet, which means that they are completely adapted to the digital age. We also have packed ballpoint pens in a beautiful cardboard or wooden box, sometimes together with a bamboo mechanical pencil that makes the gift set complete! Of course we also have countless other bamboo gifts, such as sunglasses, travel cups and promotional reusable lunch boxes. And as if that is not enough, we also have tableware like bamboo plates and mugs.

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